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Hear what our clients have to say about work with GRIP Business Traction & Ryan Henry

Kelli McCardel // Owner & Operator of McCardel Restoration

“My EOS story is Ryan contacted me a dozen times over a 10 month period. He had heard I was driven to succeed and suspected my company may have some interest in EOS. As a small business owner of McCardel Restoration, I thought it was normal to be responsible for the daily emergencies, development, and have the most to do’s coming out of a meeting, always buried in work which piles up faster than I can complete it.

After 18 years starting from scratch, I was overseeing 3 production divisions, 8 managers on a daily basis, all with different job duties, responsible for heading up the marketing, accounting, IT, HR, and production departments. I wrote process for all of these divisions and thought how do people build businesses? It became too much to handle and became lonely at the top.

I daydreamed about having help at a higher level and trained myself to think if I just keep at it, it will get better someday. After all tens of thousands of other businesses in the world run daily without the owner’s involvement right, and I would be naive to think I’m special so just don’t give up. Ryan promised me he has a system which would help me to delegate work to my team and keep the to do’s off of my desk. He said it will be fun again and in the words of EOS “if everything is important, nothing is important”, your team will love this.

I was skeptical at first and thought it’s a dream, we don’t need any help, we’ve got this. However, I started to realize I don’t have the right people in the right seats, I thought maybe I do want to try this. What would it feel like to no longer be responsible for all of the little details required to run my company on the daily? I could delegate them to someone who would lead, manage, and hold the teams accountable.

I’m not easy to sell on something, I take a long time to make decisions and wait until it’s all figured out, but life is short and maybe this would help, so willing to try anything, I felt Ryan understood my position and we agreed to a 90 minute. After multiple follow-ups, we committed. The best part of all this is my team was begging to get started, which surprised me, they wanted to be held accountable, they wanted to lead, manage, and hold their team members accountable. They are excited about the opportunity to learn and grow, using the set of EOS meeting rules and leadership structure. We are only 60 days in and looking forward to continuing this process.

My favorite part about EOS is I’m still involved with Identifying the issue, discussing it, then solving it. However, I don’t have any to do’s and I am not responsible for leading, managing, or holding others accountable daily. I work full time on the development of the company and consulting my team as needed. If you’re feeling lonely at the top, grinding every day only to be more behind, and struggling to trust your employees to execute their job, I suggest to make the investment and give EOS a try, as like they say, you don’t know unless you try it for yourself. Great job Ryan, keep up the good work, everyone at McCardel Restoration appreciates you.

Kelli McCardel – Lansing, Michigan

Katelyn Saglimbene // President & CEO of Elevate Marketing Co.

“Ryan does an incredible job at leading teams and helping them implement EOS. He has a great sense of humor and makes the training and meetings actually fun!”

Katelyn Saglimbene – Lansing, Michigan

Michael Maddox // President & CEO of Application Specialist Kompany (ASK)

“Ryan is a gifted and caring leader who has been tremendously valuable in helping our company in our journey to greatness!”

Michael Maddox – Lansing, Michigan

David Whitaker // Owner of Overhead Door Company of Battle Creek – Jackson – Ann Arbor

“We just finished our Q3 and once again Ryan delivered the goods. He consistently provides clarity but allows our team to push through the process. If you really want change for your business and are willing to be open and honest he is your man.”

David Whitaker Battle Creek, Michigan

Amy Mumby // Director of Finance at Application Specialist Kompany (ASK)

“Ryan is a dynamic and passionate EOS Implementer. He has been involved, caring, and informative. We could not be making this journey without him. Thanks, Ryan!”

Amy Mumby Lansing, Michigan

Scott Spaulding // General Manager at Application Specialist Kompany (ASK)

“Ryan is an awesome EOS Implementer! He does a great job of challenging our leadership team so we can reach our full potential!”

Scott Spaulding Lansing, Michigan

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