How EOS/Traction Is Keeping Us Sane in a Time of Panic

How EOS/Traction Is Keeping Us Sane in a Time of Panic

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6 Things You Need To Know To Make Remote Work, Work

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“When the tide goes out, it reveals who has been swimming naked.” – Warren Buffet

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Proceeding Forward Virtually



We will keep you posted if things change in our State for meetings.

We have heightened cleaning standards and are proceeding forward with a maintained, safe environment for meetings. We are ready!

Virtual Sessions

I will continue to advocate, when at all possible, that it is best to have in-person L-10’s, Focus Days, Vision Building Days, and Quarterly/Annual sessions; however, in-person meetings have become not available to us with our State’s recent ‘shelter in place’ order, I am prepared with a contingency plan for virtual sessions, using Zoom Videoconferencing, we can conduct online sessions where your team can be working remotely.  

We will share our Virtual Meeting Checklist to help you get set up properly to make sure you have all the resources you need to make this type of meeting successful. I have set up a virtual session room for us to have a highly productive and engaging session online. I even have a large whiteboard! 🙂

GRIP Clients Status

I have personally spoken to almost all of my clients, either the Visionary or the Integrator, this past week. The leadership teams are doubling down with EOS Implementation, taking this as the opportunity to accelerate the process. I have heard so many great stories that EOS is the operating system helping them masterfully navigate these fluid and trying times we are in. I encourage you to share your stories with us. We want to share them with our EOS Community to help others survive and thrive in these times.

'Rules and Exceptions'

In EOS, we use a term a lot called ‘Rules and Exceptions.’ It helps with many things we face as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leadership teams. Here’s a great and immediately applicable example, meetings.

The rule for meetings, whether they be Visionary/Integrator ‘Same Page’ monthly meeting, Leadership Team Level-10’s, Divisional Level-10’s, Sessions, etc., is that we keep them sacred; same time, same place, same agenda, start on time-end on time, the only reason we don’t have our meetings is death. You cannot come to a meeting when you are dead…duh…and vacation. We don’t do meetings on vacation, because we are on vacation, those are our ‘Free Day’s.’ Death and Vacation are the exceptions.

Everything else is just an ‘Issue’ that we must ‘IDS’, Identify, Discuss, and Solve. The Solve for meetings, outside of exceptional reasons, is to meet. Most teams before our State’s mandatory ‘shelter in place’ order were still meeting. That is now not a rule we can follow, but we can still ‘solve’ the issue of meeting. We can do our Sessions, L-10’s, Same Page Meetings, IDS Meetings, by going virtual.

In no instance have any of my teams, nor myself with my teams at GRIP, nor with any EOS World Wide teams, nor with the overwhelming majority of the companies running on EOS in the EOS community, have they said that this COVID-19 outbreak is such an exceptional issue that they have all out canceled their meetings and sessions. We are ‘staying focused’.

Adapt and Overcome

In the Marines, we have a saying, ‘Adapt and Overcome.’ Marines are trained to improvise, adapt, and overcome any obstacle in whatever situation they are needed. Marines are trained to have the willingness to engage and the determination to defeat the enemy until victory is seized…’Until every battle is won.’

There is a battle raging right now in your business. How will you respond? Will you and your team be like the Marines and ‘adapt and overcome?’

When everything is important, NOTHING is important

It is critical that your leadership teamwork ON your business: These external circumstances have created the ideal situation to fully immerse yourselves in EOS and roll it into every area of your company:

  1. Get you optimized, streamlined and organized to be as efficient and profitable as possible in tough times

  2. Get the right people in the right seats – because you’ll need them when the ride gets rough

  3. Collaborate with a trusted resource and partner that has experience in helping businesses succeed with EOS in ‘crunch time’ circumstances. I started my journey in 2008.

  4. Create a proactive, rather than reactive, response to pivot and adapt quickly and accordingly

  5. Provide the framework to get you solving obstacles and challenges on an organizational level

  6. Teach you to track the most critical data and run on numbers instead of feelings and emotions

  7. Create accountability, focus, and ownership for your employees to get the most out of your business

Don’t give up’s crunch time! Let’s go!!!

It’s still about living the EOS Life!

During his keynote address at the annual Conference for Companies Running on EOS, Gino Wickman, founder of EOS, described the discovery he made about what lies at the heart of what all of us really want from our businesses and lives. Gino calls this “The EOS Life.” Like all things in EOS, it’s simple but not necessarily easy. It’s a life that consists of:

  • Doing what you love: When we spend our time doing what we love to do and are great at doing, our energy and creativity are at their peak. The possibilities are endless.

  • With people you love: When surrounded by people that we truly love to be around and to work with, we collectively create value for one another and attract others who are willing and able to help us grow.

  • Making an impact: While it may sound like a cliché, the value we create by obsessively doing what we love, with people we love, positively changes people’s lives. This change is exponential. It creates momentum and accelerates personal and organizational growth.

  • Being appropriately compensated for what you do: The value of what we create when doing what we love rises for everyone connected to us. The more time we spend doing what we love with people we love, the more valuable we are to the world.

  • Having time to pursue other passions: Our businesses are really just a means to an end. All of us have families, hobbies and other things we love to do and that place a call on our time. The freedom to choose how we use our time is the ultimate return on investment.

You may have noticed that the word “love” appears 10 times in that description. This is not an accident. This is about true passion, not about “like” and “enjoy.”

If the EOS Life sounds good to you, here’s an exercise to get you moving toward it.

It’s called “Commitment Time,” and involves five simple steps:

Step 1: Schedule an hour of uninterrupted time with yourself out of the office. Turn off all your devices. This hour is 100% thinking work.

Step 2: Use the framework above to challenge yourself and to describe what your EOS Life would look like. For each element of the EOS Life, describe specifically and clearly what you love and what you want.

Step 3: Capture your thoughts on a single sheet of paper.

Step 4:  Pick a future date when you’ll be living the life you just described.

Step 5:  Get to work.

Like everything in EOS, simple, not always easy, but always worth it

It's A Journey

New issues have now emerged on your journey. You now, more than ever before need clarity to act courageously during this leg of the journey.

  • Has your vision 10 years from now changed?
  • Do you still operate with the same Core Values?
  • Is your Core Focus still the same?
  • Does your definition of who the type clients you love working with need to change?
  • Is the 3-Year Picture different?

Take a clarity break and use this time to get really clear on what it is you really want. Come to your L-10’s with added clarity. Shut the world out, it’s not as hard anymore…you’re at home, and let’s do the real hard work, thinking.

Get clear coming into a virtual session, so you can get your team 100% on the same page, moving into another 90 Day run or finishing strong the laying the foundation leg of your EOS journey to get laser-focused and give you the strength to stay focused as a team during this time. Don’t clam up now on the real issues at hand. 

As Keith Cunningham says, “Nothing can change until the unsaid is said,” you cannot change what needs to be changed until you get clear the real issues at hand as a team and commit to moving forward, however difficult this leg of the journey may become.

We must move together and not isolate. Team communication on this leg of the journey is so critical. Let’s emerge from this period in a strong position and on track to meet your goals.

This could be the time to prepare to emerge and crush your competition! We must now play the defensive game. EOS was built for times like this. Put it to the test now. 

Even the best had to start somewhere…at some time… Embrace the journey!

I'm here to help . . .

I am offering 1 hour of my time for free, to help you bring solutions to your biggest issues using what we call in EOS, “IDSing” – “Identify Discuss Solve,” on Thursday and Friday of this week. 

If you are interested, email me and we will schedule a time for you. 

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