Survive to Thrive – 7 Things to Keep Your Team Healthy & Focused

Survive To Thrive

7 Things to Keep Your Team Healthy & Focused

No. 1

Be The Lighthouse

Your team needs 5 things from you right now:

Calm, Communication, Connection, Clarity and Confidence.

  • Take regular Clarity Breaks™
  • Lean on your EOS Implementer® for support

Prioritize self-care: Fitness, nutrition, and sleep.

Help your team navigate back to solid ground.

No. 2

Maintain Your Meeting Pulse

Don't stop the heartbeat of your organization

Continue holding weekly Level 10 Meetings™ - virtually if needed

Don't skip your quarterly session

  • Meet virtually to get on the same page, clarify your plan, set Rocks, and solve issues.
  • Don’t commit to too many Rocks – Less is more!

No. 3

Communicate Clearly

Communicate frequently and proactively with employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Repeat yourself often - at least 7 times - to ensure your messages is received.

Increase the frequently of your State of the Company updates to Monthly or Weekly.

No. 4

Simplify and Streamline

Consider eliminating products or services that are not profitable or are no longer in your Core Focus™.

Review and update your core processes.

Update technology, templates, and systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

No. 5

Look for Opportunity

Prioritize customer care and continue to add value.

Stay top of mind - don't stop marketing and selling.

Use your Core Focus to identify "shiny stuff" vs. real opportunity.

No. 6

Clarify Your Structure

Update your Accountability Chart to support anticipated changes to sales, revenue, and delivery.

Use the People Analyzer™ to evaluate core values fit and GWC™.

Stay focused on Right People, Right Seats.

No. 7

Obsess Over Data

Closely monitor Scorecard and Measurables and adjust Scorecard goals as needed.

Create a 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast.

Manage your AR and AP closely and proactively.